Video: Vermont Senate Finance Committee Testimony on H.513

Click here to watch video

H.513 – An act relating to broadband deployment throughout Vermont

Further Testimony and Committee Discussion

  • James White, Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs, Comcast – Northeast Division
  • Dylan Zwicky, Lobbyist, New England Cable & Telecommunications Association
  • Stan Williams, Chair, ValleyNet
  • Gregg Faber, Analyst, Public Utility Commission
  • Irv Thomae, Chair, ECFiber
  • John Brabant, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Vermonters for a Clean Environment
  • Zachary Tomanelli, Communications and Technology Director, VPIRG
  • Michael Birnbaum, Owner, Kingdom Fiber
  • Jamie Feehan, Lobbyist, VPPSA
  • Garrett Ryan, Resident, Woodbury, VT

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